Dr. Robin Unger, MD:
Hair Transplant Specialist

dr. robin unger hair transplant specialistDr. Robin Unger, hair transplant specialist, is devoted wholly to hair restoration for her patients, with a wide spectrum of hair loss treatments. In the field of hair transplant surgery, Dr. Robin Unger is at the forefront of providing exceptional results in hair restoration.  Dr. Unger shares her practice with her father and adviser, Dr. Walter Unger, who collaborates with her concerning continued innovation in the practice.  Her practice is based in New York City, NY and serves patients from across the United States and the World.

Dr. Robin Unger has served clients from Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia for years, and is now practicing as a hair transplant specialist exclusively in Manhatten, NYC.  She treats patients who suffer from patterned hair loss, or hair loss that is the result of surgeries and disease.

Dr. Robin Unger has made a name for herself as one of the preeminent hair transplant specialists in the United States.  She co-authored the textbook, Hair Transplant Surgery, which has become a definitive resource on the subject.  She holds board certifications, has published in respected medical journals, and provides instruction for residents and surgeons from around the world.

As a hair transplant specialist, Dr. Robin Unger has solely focused on providing the best hair restoration treatments for her patients.  She treats both female pattern hair loss and male pattern baldness. Despite the difficulty that is inherently associated with female transplant surgeries, Dr. Robin is a top women’s hair transplant surgeon.  Dr. Robin Unger also performs treatments for dermatologic issues including plastic surgical procedures.

Dr. Robin Unger is considered among the best hair transplant specialists in the United States because of her dedication to her patients.  She has chosen to only perform operations on one patient per day in order to ensure that each patient receives the treatment and attention that they deserve.  Dr. Unger has devoted her life to the treatment of hair loss, and understands how distressing it can be to deal with.  Fortunately Dr. Unger takes great care to ensure that every step in the hair restoration process is done with precision, which has resulted in meeting and exceeding previous patients’ expectations on a regular basis.

Dr. Robin Unger’s female hair loss treatment begins with removal of hair from permanent donors which is transplanted to the patient in order to create hairlines, sideburns,  temple hair, crowns, and even eyebrows.  Dr. Unger personally performs all phases of surgery alongside her expert staff.  Dr. Unger has a hands-on approach to preparation of the graft, execution of the surgery, and follow-up care.

Operating out of her office in New York City, NY, Dr. Robin Unger serves clients from all over the world.  She has a regional consulting office in Rockville, MD that serves Southern Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia.

Should you feel that you are a candidate for hair transplant surgery, or are interested in learning more about Dr. Robin Unger or hair restoration surgery, you may contact Dr. Unger at drrobinungersurgeon@gmail.com.  You can contact our New York office at 212-249-9393. Or, you may request an appointment online with Dr. Robin Unger, hair transplant specialist right now!