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Types Of Women’s Hair Loss

Both men and women can experience hair loss, but for women, there are only a handful of experts available to recommend treatment options. Are you asking, “Am I a hair transplant candidate?” Dr. Robin Unger, a women’s hair transplant surgeon, is one of those experts. If you are a woman experiencing hair loss, or know someone who is, then it is important to understand what type of women’s hair loss you are dealing with. Dr Robin Unger can help you decide what female hair loss treatment is best for you.

Women can suffer from either temporary or long lasting hair loss.  With temporary hair loss, there are simple and risk free ways of fixing the problem if you can quickly identify the cause.  When the cause of hair loss is not immediately identifiable, even temporary hair loss can be tough to treat.  This is why it is crucial to see a certified and experienced female hair transplant surgeon who can tell you exactly what you are up against.  It is always a good idea to get a professional’s opinion as soon as you start to notice signs of hair loss. If a patient does not receive adequate treatment for temporary hair loss in time, then the hair loss could continue and become a long term problem.

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Even though we live in a world where hair restoration experts exist, there is still a possibility for misdiagnoses resulting from inexperienced doctors.  In order to best prepare yourself for hair restoration treatment, you should review the following information and consult a professional women’s hair transplant surgeon such as Dr. Robin Unger today.

The term for excessive hair loss in the medical world is “alopecia.”  Many types of alopecia exist, and by speaking with a hair restoration doctor you can better understand which type you are dealing with and how to treat it.  It is also important to remember that hair loss is a sign that something is not right with your body.  Seeing a doctor who understands what different types of hair loss mean can save your life or tell you important information about your genes.  Perhaps you are likely to develop hair loss due to genes you inherited from your ancestors, or maybe you are dealing with a disease.  Since only a trained professional can tell you for certain what your hair loss is a result of, you are doing yourself a favor by seeking an expert opinion. Hair loss can result from a number of other conditions such as pregnancy, stress, or the use of medications.  In these cases hair will likely grow back after your condition returns to normal.

If you are a woman who is dealing with long term hair loss you need not be discouraged. There are a handful of experienced professionals like Dr. Robin Unger who would be happy to talk with you about your situation.  Once you fully understand your situation and what options you have available, you can make an informed decision about how like to move forward.  Having an expert to help you every step of the way is crucial in making sure that your treatment is effective and lasting.

When you feel that you have the information that you need, please feel free to contact our office at 212-249-9393 to request an appointment with Dr. Robin Unger, MD. Remember, Dr. Unger is one of the best women’s hair transplant surgeons around! Learn more about Dr. Robin Unger: Hair transplant specialist, and read her blog to find out more about women’s hair loss treatments.